Alcohol and Gym Performance, Are They Correlated?

  November 8, 2017

Lets be honest. Most all of us like to occasionally let loose on the weekends or on special occasions and have a couple drinks with friends and family. Some more than others, and that’s okay, no judgement here! But is that beer or mixed drink (or 5) really affecting your performance in the gym? You may be surprised by the answer. As with anything else, moderation seems to be the key to success. The article below by Hilary Achauer comes from the Crossfit Journal and gives us a better idea of what happens to alcohol in the body when consumed, alcohol in relation to your training, and how dialing in that magic amount can be just fine for your social life, as well as your gym life.

If you have more questions regarding alcohol and if it’s affecting your training personally, do not hesitate to get with one of our coaches and we can help get your questions or concerns answered!


Happy Wellness Wednesday!

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