Did someone say Ribs & Sweets?

  December 13, 2017

We know you are always looking for quick and easy go-to recipes for your next meal prep day or for your family dinners, and today is an amazing one from The Crossfit Journal and Nick Massie. He is Crossfit’s Culinary Ninja Speciality Course teacher and brings a lot of great Paleo recipes and advice to the Crossfit world about meal prepping, the zone diet, etc. Below is a quick video of him showing us how to make his Ribs & Sweets.

(Although we don’t focus on the Zone Diet, this is a great portion size and could easily be altered if you needed it to be to meet your personal goals and needs!)

If you would like to see the recipe and follow it at your own pace, click the link below and download the free PDF version!


Happy Cooking!



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