Fall Fitness Challenge @ R2R

  September 29, 2017

“Fit For Fall” 42 Day Challenge!

(OCT 9th – NOV 19th )

Let’s get our fitness back on track this fall with a friendly competition!

The rules of the game are simple.  $25 gets you in and the top male/female winner at each location will split 50% of the total pot!

How to earn points:

  1. FITNESS POINTS (25% of Score) You’ll earn a point every time you show up to the box and attend any regularly scheduled class!  (Maximum 1 point per day to include Open Gym on Sundays).
  2. NUTRITION POINTS (25% of Score): You’ll earn a point every time you show up for our “Nutrition Huddle” each Sunday during Open Gym (6 points possible). Each week, one of our awesome coaches will be leading a short discussion on a specific area pertaining to nutrition to help support you throughout the challenge!  We’ll also provide you an optional meal plan and recipe list that’s proven to build muscle and burn fat!
  3. BODY COMPOSITION POINTS (50% of Score): We will conduct a pre/post challenge “scan” with our new In-body Body Composition Scanner.  You will earn points based off of your % change in lean body mass throughout the challenge!  So, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to gain OR lose weight; it’s a level playing field for all!


BONUS POINTS:  You can also earn points by rowing as many meters as possible throughout the challenge outside of regular class time!  We will have a sheet at the front desk where you can log your meters rowed each day and our coaches will sign-off to verify the work was done 🙂

Important Dates:

  • “Pre-Challenge” Scan: Sunday, OCT 8th from 2-4pm @ CFP
  • Challenge Starts Monday, OCT 9th
  • Nutrition huddle every Sunday @ 2:00pm at CFDD starting OCT 15th
  • Challenge Ends Sunday, NOV 19th
  • “Post-Challenge” Scan: NOV 19th @ CFDD (2-4pm)
  • Winners Announced Monday, NOV 20th!

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