Mobility (feat. Coach Missy)

  November 21, 2017

Does your thruster look more like a Michael Jackson toe stand from Thriller? Then pop a deep squat and let’s talk about mobility.

What is mobility, exactly? It’s defined as “the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.”   Don’t confuse mobility with flexibility or a warm-up. Mobility allows us to use our joints’ full range of motion to improve positions and increase joint stability, whereas flexibility helps lengthen short or tight muscles. Generally, we warm-up by stretching our muscles, preparing our body for movement, but mobility will help us resolve positional problems that may be prohibiting ideal form for Olympic lifts, or a thruster. Shamone.

Pinpointing mobility weaknesses is first and foremost. If a coach continues to say, “chest up,” chances are the athlete has limited hip joint flexion, not allowing them to sit in a squat with an upright torso. If an athlete struggles with keeping the bar in an ideal position while maintaining a nice, straight back in an overhead squat, they may have tight shoulders. In nearly every circumstance of limited mobility, athletes use more energy by over compensating in other areas to make the lift happen. Not only does the athlete expend far more energy, they lose power from poor positioning, and most importantly, add unnecessary strain on their joints. Being proactive about mobility will help prevent injury and keep your body moving and feeling well.

Do your body a favor and set aside time for mobility work; stop thinking of it as accessory work and start thinking of it as necessary work. It does not take a lot of time; a little work can go a long way. Consistency is more important. Instead of just sitting in front of the tv, mobility. Each River 2 River location subscribes to ROMWOD, a website that coaches you through mobility work and there are plenty of free and paid resources on the web.

So to recap, find out what your sticking points are and put together a program to address those mobility weaknesses. Once you address these movement weaknesses, gains in your lifts and wods will come easier. You will feel better, your lifts will be smoother, you’ll have more power.

Make mobility a priority.

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