Crossfit Coaches…. What a difference a class makes. (ft Coach Jess)

  December 28, 2015

In today’s article I’m going to address something that most, if not ALL of our members talk about.  Their coaches.  Coaches are the gateway to CrossFit.  They’re critical in our goals to achieve fitness in all its permutations.  Without coaches that can properly disseminate information, athletes perform movements wrong.  Athletes that perform movements wrong don’t take advantage of efficient movement.  They can’t lift as much or move as quickly, and most importantly, they can get hurt.


We already know most of that as CrossFit athletes, right?  So why is Jess writing an article telling me how important he is?  Well the answer is, I’m not.  I’m writing this article to encourage you to hop around class times or days of the week and work with every coach we offer.


What advantage does it have to bounce around classes and work with different trainers?  First off, Patrick at SCCF and Kyle at CFP are without a doubt the most knowledgeable teachers we have.  They’re both Level 2 certified and they teach more than any of us.  Take advantage of that and go to their classes when you can.  After them, we have a staff of very capable and intelligent coaches (don’t argue with me…Mike Gentry is smarter than he looks) that love to help people become better athletes.  And every one of us is different.  I hear lots of our athletes that LOOOVEEE certain coaches, and others that just can’t learn from those same trainers.  We all see different things in different people.  We all have different cues that we use for athletes to work smarter, safer, and harder.


I learn from one coach or another to this day.  And some of our coaches just have a way of teaching that just clicks with me.  You, as an athlete are different from others.  You move differently.  You learn differently.  You think differently.  I will not hesitate to say that you can learn something different from Chad Vance than you will George Hertter.  And Marissa Oliver will show you ways of moving that are different from what Theresa Ridley will show you.  None of them is wrong.  They are concerned first with your safety, then for your ability to perform.  But they are different from one another just like you are different from all our other athletes


Take a month or 2 and bounce around our classes.  If you’re an unlimited member, head to Metropolis and Paducah both and see how the classes change from trainer to trainer and location to location.  You may find some of the coaches just don’t work for you.  You may find some coaches that just get you 100% from the start.  In the end, however, you will probably learn things from all our staff.  Micah Tolbert will see something Jess Taylor missed.   Patrick may be able to push you in a way that helps you PR Fran.  All our coaches are great and all of them have something unique to offer.  Use that resource to become the best athlete you can be!

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