INTENSITY (ft. Coach George)

  April 11, 2016

When you get done with a daily workout are you thinking to yourself “that wasn’t so bad?”  Are you going hard enough to get the results you’re after? Let’s discuss what “CrossFit” actually is…..
The definition is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.  We all know the constantly varied part of that because we never do the same thing day after day.  The functional movement part is kinda self explanatory; squatting, lifting , pressing etc.  What about the intensity part of that?  Webster says intensity is: developed to high degree, anxiety, strained.  Crossfit defines intensity as a persons average power output. 
I watched a video recently talking about this very thing.  The video used “Karen” as an example.  Karen is 150 wall balls for time.  A person can do this workout and break the WB’s up in sets of 10 or 15 and get through it pretty good, but what if you tell yourself your going to do 40 or 50 unbroken WB’s then get 5 breaths and finish with big sets of 20 to 25 unbroken.  What you have just done is raise the intensity of the workout tremendously.  Did it suck worse?  Heck yes it did, but you just pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and you will see more results in performing these daily WOD’s with more intensity. 
So next time your coach is going over the workout at the whiteboard be thinking how can I make this intense?  It doesn’t matter if the WOD is 7 min. long or 15 min. long we all should be performing at high intensity to get the results we want.  If you’re not sure how to perform the workout or how to scale it ask your coach, that is what we are there for!  Next time you get done with a workout and say “that wasn’t too bad” you will know you didn’t go hard enough.      
-Coach George.

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