July R2R Athlete Profile: Tyler Taber

  July 14, 2016

When did you Join R2R Fitness? November 2013
Why did you join? I actually saw the crossfit games on tv and thought it looked cool. I started searching for gyms and found super city.
What Changes Have You Noticed?  I’ve gained over 20lbs and a tremendous amount of mobility/flexibility. I had a few small problems with my shoulder and ankle before starting, but Crossfit fixed them.
What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting at R2R?   Just show up! Don’t over analyze it, just grab a buddy and see what it’s all about. Crossfit is hard to describe to someone.. It is something you need to try to understand.

Favorite Workout?  I like anything short and sweet. Fran, Isabel, Diane..
Least Favorite Workout? I don’t mind thrusters or burpees separately but together…16.5..
Favorite Activity Outside of CrossFit? I love spending time with my son Levi and my girlfriend is alright too 🙂.

Favorite Accomplishment at the Box? Snatching 275 is up there. Really anytime I give it my all and walk away satisfied.. those are the best days.
Biggest Inspiration?  If my pregnant girlfriend can do it.. I can probably manage.

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