Keep It Simple (Ft. Coach Gentry)

  February 25, 2016

Back To The Basics 


I’ve been doing CrossFit for 4 years now.  I started doing it on my own by stealing workouts off of the internet and adjusting them to the ability and equipment I had.  It was mostly body weight stuff I got good at but we all know how addictive the weights and skill portion of CrossFit can be so I eventually joined up at a box. Years later I feel I’m a better CrossFitter but recently I noticed I was more injury prone. Reflecting on this for weeks I came to the conclusion I was missing the fit part and only working on the cross(butterfly pull-ups,muscle ups,PR squat snatches,etc.). So now I’m back to the basics with strict pull-ups working technique with lighter weights. Doing progressions to keep me healthy so I can continue to CrossFit. I found these three points to be really helpful to keep me on track for a long, sustainable fitness journey:

1.  Do less and do it better. Instead of cramming more volume into your training make sure the training you have is effective and performed to the best of your ability


2.  Don’t CrossFit the s@# out of it. Warm-ups and skills cannot be won, yet think how many overly competitive people rush through them. Also when going through progressions don’t try to go beyond where you currently are or where your instructor is taking you.
You can never be too good at the basics. If your air squat isn’t perfect, then why are you trying to overhead squat anything at all?


3.  Going back to bodyweight and perfecting movement can translate to being a better all-around athlete and being more effective in the rest of your life. Perfecting that overhead squat at 225 is badass, but isn’t going to really help you in many practical situations. Take things back a notch, slow down your movements, practice some static holds, and master yourself before you start throwing around huge external loads. Your body will thank you and when you get ready to move that heavy weight it’ll be easier than before.

-Stay Fit Friends,

Coach Gentry

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