March R2R Athlete Profile (Laura Bayles)

  March 10, 2016

When Did You Join R2R: Sept 2015

Why did you join:

I decided to join R2R because I had heard great things about CrossFit from a few friends and I wanted to give it a try..It was also a way to get out of my comfort zone and push myself to new limits.

Changes you’ve noticed since starting?
Since starting CrossFit, I have noticed so many changes. My health has improved tremendously and my endurance through workouts are so much better from when I first started. I feel so much healthier! Coming into crossfit, I knew I didn’t need to lose weight, but I had set a goal to lose a few inches on my waist, which I was able to achieve recently. My clothes fit better and my body is now toned up. I feel amazing!

Advice I would give to someone who is thinking about joining:
The best advice would be to give crossfit a try. Don’t let the weights intimate you. You start at your own comfortable weight and from there the competition is with yourself. The coaches are there to help you every step of the way. Once you start, set goals and see how fast you achieve them. You’ll be happy you gave it a shot… You will really surprise yourself when you realize all the great things your body can do.

Favorite WOD:
My favorite has to Deadlifts and Bar Over Burpees. When I see those two together I get excited.

Favorite Activity outside of CrossFit:
Spending time with my family and shopping!

Proudest accomplishment @ CrossFit:
It would definitely be getting the strict pull-ups right at my 6 month mark. Just a month ago I gave it a try and couldn’t get myself up at all. I was amazed at how much stronger I got in just one month.

Favorite healthy meal:
Grilled Chicken with Grilled Zucchini prepared by my husband.

Who/What inspires me?
My three kids have really inspired me. Everyday they walk out the door they tell me to have a great day at CrossFit. When they come home, the first thing they ask me is how it went and if I reached a new goal. 😊
The times I’ve taken them with me, I always look up and see them cheering me on and giving me that thumbs up. It’s a great feeling!

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