R2R Athlete Profile: Thea Meadows

  February 3, 2016

When did you join River 2 River Fitness?

November 2015


Why did you join R2R?

I joined because I needed to make a change. I was talking to my manager/friend about R2R and she just kept going on and on about how awesome it was and how I’d really enjoy it so I signed up and went to my fundamental class that same night.


What changes in your health, physique and overall performance have you seen since starting at R2R?

Since joining there have been so many changes in my health, it’s crazy! I have lost enough inches to go down two pant sizes, lost 20 pounds, and honestly I just feel so much better. My performance has improved a lot! It’s an awesome feeling to complete something that a week before I wasn’t able to do.


What advice would you give someone in regards to starting CrossFit?

I would want them to keep an open mind to CrossFit. I had always heard how it’s something that only super fit people can do and that is so not the case! There are so many speculations about CrossFit so just try it for yourself and see! Also, once you get started don’t give up! It’s easy to say that you can’t do something but the key is to keep pushing even for the little things!

Favorite WOD?

My favorite WOD would be one with dead lifts or back squats and zero burpees. In all honesty though that is something that changes daily. If I come in, push myself, and complete it that is my favorite.


Favorite activity outside of R2R?

Hanging out with my daughter.


Proudest accomplishment at R2R?

I am proud of everything, but most of all I’m proud of my commitment to myself. I push myself every day to make another gain and in almost every class I have one whether it be getting more reps in an EMOM, reaching a new max, or finally getting myself in a hand stand!


Favorite healthy meal?

I make a killer spicy ground turkey with brown rice and peppers dish.


Who/what inspires me the most?

I’d have to say most of all my daughter inspires me. Every single day she asks me when, not if, we are going to CrossFit so she can watch me workout. She has pushed me to become a healthier and happier mommy. Also every single person at CFP inspire me. Everyone is so motivating and supportive. One thing you will always here after a WOD is “good job” from every one you just worked out with.

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