R2R Member Spotlight: Rebecca Dunn

  January 6, 2016

When did you join River 2 River Fitness?
June 2015
Why did you join R2R?
I had been running and/or walking 4-6 miles per day for a year and while I had great results with a 25 pound weight loss, I had hit a plateau and couldn’t seem to get toned up. I was discussing that with a friend who was a member and they suggested I give CrossFit a try. After some research of all facilities in the area I chose R2R and couldn’t be happier about that decision.
What changes in your health, physique and overal performance have you seen since starting at R2R?
The results have been dramatic! I feel healthier than ever and I’ve gone from a size 6 to a 2 without even meaning to. I am going to be 40 next summer and for the first time in my life I am actually getting definition in my abs, which I thought would never happen. As far as performance I have noticed that I have gotten much faster and stronger.
What advice would you give someone in regards to starting CrossFit?
Don’t let the fear stop you from starting! I was terrified of the weight aspect but have fallen in love with lifting. Everything we do is modifiable and no one judges anyone for having to modify a movement. We all do it at some point along this journey. Another thing I would advise is to show up and do the work. If you don’t you will not see as much improvement as quickly and then you’ll start doubting yourself. Some of these things we do take a lot of practice to get them down and it will take you showing up to learn it.
Favorite WOD?
I recently fell in love with Helen but my absolute fave is the CrossFit Open 11.2 workout. It was the first one I was able to RX and of course everyone who has ever been in a class with me knows how much I love to deadlift and do box jumps.
Favorite activity outside of R2R?
Spending time with my husband and children.
Proudest accomplishment at R2R?
There have been so many…any first of a movement I get all kinds of excited. First double under, first real push-up, first pull-up, first toes to bar, etc.
Favorite healthy meal?
My favorite is chicken and rice bowls.
Who/what inspires me the most?
The incredible athletes that I get to sweat alongside daily. They show up to give it all they have and even while they are focused they make sure and yell out for me to keep going or cheer me on. I love my CrossFit family!

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