R2R November Athlete Profile: Leslie Brown

  November 18, 2016

When did you join R2R?

I joined the fit/bootcamp class June 2015 and I started doing CrossFit in December 2015.


Why did you join?  

I’ve always exercised either running outside or at a gym.  I really enjoy running and I know it’s good for me but I’ve never had much muscle tone from just running.  The gym availability around here is very limited and I wasn’t committed enough drive to Paducah.  I’ve been a member of many gyms but was tired of just going through the motions and not seeing any results.  I decided the summer of 2015 to give Crossfit a try and see how I liked it.


What type of results have you noticed?

I have more muscle tone that I have ever had in my life! CrossFit has improved my running, flexibility and mobility.  I have more energy and it makes me rethink my eating habits.  I also like to set a good example for my kids to show them how important exercise is.


What advice would you give someone considering starting at R2R?

Go for it!! We all have to start somewhere and there are still workouts that I struggle with but the coaches are great! Everyone is positive and really help you get through it.


What’s your favorite workout?  

I really like workouts that involve a good combination of  cardio and lifting.  Some of the lifting workouts really surprised me because you actually get so much cardio from them.


Least favorite workout:  

Hands down any workout that involves overhead squats.  Ha Ha. I  have not even begun to master that yet.


Favorite thing to do outside of CrossFit?  

Spending time with my family.  We love to be outdoors and go hiking around Southern Illinois.


Favorite accomplishment at the box.  

My overall upper body strength.  Being about to do about 8-10 “real” push ups is a great feeling.


Biggest Inspiration?  Working out with everyone at the gym. We all have struggles and exercises that challenge us but it’s inspiring to have the coaches and others believing in you and pushing you daily.  There are many times I really wanted to give up, but others at R2R have believed in me and definitely put me outside my comfort zone.  I guess that’s why I keep coming back!

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