R2R October Athlete Profile: Jesse Hall

  October 5, 2016

When did you join R2R?

I joined the fit classes in early march and decided to do CrossFit in May of 2016

Why did you join?

Well i’m a hard hat diver for a part of my job, in febuary I had to dive underneath

a towboat. Well I noticed my mobility and strength had dwindled quite a bit in my

current shape. I’ve been to gyms on and off for years and it just never really got me where I

wanted to be so I thought I would give CrossFit a try

What type of results have you noticed?

Well I have lost 20 lbs since May and my mobility is better than it ever has

been..Now instead of looking at an old fat man when I get out of the shower Im just

looking at and old dude!

What advice would you give someone considering starting @ R2R?

Just do it.I was worried about my knees and my back or hurting myself and not being

able to work, but the coaches are amazing they keep you in the right form and they

really show you how to stay safe while lifting. Don’t wait, start yesterday

Whats’s your favorite workout?

That’s hard to say, I like a lot of the exercises and it seems to make them more

enjoyable to be more difficult, but to date the 9/11 tribute workout has been my


Least favorite workout?

Well it started off being any type of running, but I’m over that now. I didn’t like

overhead squats , but as im working on my mobility those aren’t too bad either. I

would have to say front squats and only because I can’t bend my forearms back

enough. Im sure that will change too…and nobody likes burpees.

Favorite thing to do outside of CrossFit?

Hang out with my little guy of coarse, but I love fishing and bowhunting too. I also

brew beer, do a little taxidermy, do epoxy art and countertops , golf, garden, make

knives..hmmm what else do you got?..lol

Favorite accomplishment at the box?

Prs are great I love how they keep track and you can see the progress, but my 400 meter

run time is still my favorite, I’m gonna smoke it next time though. Pullups as well ,

really everyday feels like a pretty good accomplishment

Biggest inspiration???

Well that’s easy every person who shows up to do any WOD. Every person who

leaves the box not exactly sure if its ok to drive yet. That’s my inspiration for one

hour people leaving it all there at the box..that keeps me coming back.Man I love this


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