R2R September 2016 Athlete Profile: Heather Clark

  September 8, 2016

When did you join R2R? November 2015

Why did you join R2R? I joined Crossfit because I have always been involved in athletics and I was missing that in my life. I had heard that it was like a huge family, so I had to give it a try and I fell in love!

What type of results have you noticed since starting @ R2R?
My strength has improved tremendously. And although my cardio is still not where I would like it to be it has gotten better as well. I use to almost fall out after a 200 m row and the other day I did 5x 400m rows and wasn’t even out of breath. My confidence has also improved some. I still have a long way to go but I know with the help of the coaches and my friends I will get there!

What advice would you give someone considering starting @ R2R?
DO IT! It will be the best decision ever! I have not only gained in strength but I now have a whole other family. I gained two of the best friends a girl could ever hope for in Nicole and Rachel. None of it would have happened without R2R.

What is your favorite workout?
Anything with heavy cleans! And I like box jumps, HSPUs, and pull-ups (even though I am not great at them).

What is your least favorite workout?
Anything with thrusters or wall balls. Right Lindsay?

Favorite thing to do outside of Crossfit?
I love to spend time with my two nephews, and I also love to travel!

Favorite accomplishment at the box?
My 170# clean and jerk during the Oly total was pretty exciting, but my bar muscle-up is definitely at the top of the list as well!!

Biggest inspiration?
I have multiple inspirations.
1. My mom. She supports me in every crazy thing I set my mind to. Whether it is cheerleading, Crossfit, weightlifting, buying a house, or going to Europe she is there every step of the way.
2. My nephews. They want to be just like me and do whatever I do. So I want to be the best me I can for them.
3. Marshelle King. She has helped me so much when it comes to Oly lifts. She is also such an inspiration outside of Crossfit. You hardly ever see her without a smile on her face.
4. Lindsay Hertter. She is always there to pick up the pieces after a WOD even if I cuss her out the whole time.
5. Last but certainly not least. Nicole and Rachel. If it weren’t for you two I honestly don’t know where I would be today. It surely wouldn’t be buying a house!! Y’all have helped me through so much in the last few months and I love y’all for that! 

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