GIVE 50 GET 50

Super simple, folks. You love your gym. You love your friend (or really hate them and want to watch them suffer. we’re cool with either). Why not bring the two together? Our referral program helps you do just that and gets you both $50. You’re welcome.

If you refer a friend who signs up for a CrossFit membership you both get $50 off your next month. There is no cap to this program. Keep bringing people and keep getting $50. Theoretically you could never pay for CrossFit again. How’s THAT for a pyramid scheme?  😉

You have two ways to get your $50:

  1. Give them one of those cool red postcards @ the front desk.
  2. We know that sometimes that conversation is hard to have. Talking to someone about CrossFit is getting right up there with religion and politics. Some people just don’t want you to go there, bro. So, we’re willing to have that conversation for you, too. Just fill out the form below and we will email them and get the conversation started.

And you still are eligible for the $50.

Easy as pie.

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