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Wellness Wednesday: Thai Turkey Throwdown

Hey guys! This week for Wellness Wednesday we are bringing you an easy ground turkey recipe that is Paleo, Whole30 and is has a slight twist on your normal asian dishes. Some of the ingredients may be something you’ve never used or heard of before, but rest assured they can be found fairly easily at […]

Wellness Wednesday: The Truth About Bone Broth

Wellness Wednesday – Fajita Pie

Wellness Wednesday is a healthy Paleo/Whole30/Zone approved recipe that is super easy for anyone! I don’t know about yall, but I am RUNNING home to make this tonight after watching this short video from Nick Massie and The CrossFit Kitchen! It is an easy turkey fajita casserole topped with white sweet potato mash! If you […]

Are Your Kids Picky Eaters?

Did someone say Ribs & Sweets?

We know you are always looking for quick and easy go-to recipes for your next meal prep day or for your family dinners, and today is an amazing one from The Crossfit Journal and Nick Massie. He is Crossfit’s Culinary Ninja Speciality Course teacher and brings a lot of great Paleo recipes and advice to […]

You CAN’T Out-CrossFit That Bad Diet

Hey guys! Wellness Wednesday is upon us and today we are talking calories in vs. calories out. But is it really that simple? Surely though if you eat cave at work you can just hit the gym after and burn off that 1 (okay two) donuts from the breakroom right?! Wrong. You see, our bodies […]

Meatballs Mexicana On The Menu!

Hey Guys! It’s Wellness Wednesday and this week we have an easy paleo recipe coming to you from Nick Massie at the CrossFit Kitchen! He whipped up Mexican Meatballs with Calabacitas in this short video below! (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, it’s just a fancy Spanish word for a Zucchini dish!) […]

Wellness Wednesday: Which Carb? This Carb?

We all know them and love them. CARBS. We eat them everyday to fuel our bodies for our day and metcons. But even if you are tracking or watching the number of carbs you may be consuming, does that mean you are paying attention to the quality of your carbs? Not necessarily. Yes, most of […]

Wellness Wednesday: Crockpot Chili

Hey guys! It’s Wellness Wednesday and this week we are bringing to you a really versatile recipe that you can throw together in the morning, and eat it the moment you get home! (After the gym, of course!) The crockpot is like the greatest invention ever, right? There is no “SET” recipe when it comes […]

Shopping for Eggs Shouldn’t Be Hard!

In today’s society, there are so many terms flying around grocery stores and food labels. Cage-free, Free-range, Organic, All-Natural, Pasture-raised, the list is never ending and can be pretty confusing. But what things do you consider when buying your eggs? Cost? Nutrition? How the chickens were raised? Brown versus white eggs? All of these can […]