The Importance of Fat (ft. Coach Tico)

  March 20, 2017

The Importance of Fat

Have you ever wonder why seem to store fat in certain parts of our body? Have you ever thought of why females complain about their “fat” legs and guys always talk about their “beer gut”? How come we are all human (regardless of gender, race or culture) but we are still so different from each other? How come we eat fat if we are trying to get rid of it? Hopefully this will answer some questions and also start new ones. The more we know, the more prepare you will be and more” gainz” will show.

Let’s start with the definition of Body Composition. It is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, and muscle in human bodies (the relationship of fat mass and fat free mass). The word “FAT” has a bad connotation and it is always related with something that is not attractive or that it is harmful. Men and women have minimal values of body fat required to facilitate important physiological activities (essential body fat levels). The essential body fat levels for males are between 3% and 5%; if the levels drop below these values it could be really harmful as far as keeping the body temperature (thermoregulation) and also disrupt some metabolic functions. Females generally need between 11% and 14% body fat to maintain menstrual cycles and other health related issues if it goes below that mark. Some individuals are able to function on low levels of body fat due to genetic differences.

Body fat and distribution are both gender and genetically dependent. Categorically, fat storage is subject to reference by regional distribution or body tissue sectioning. One region is the central storage of fat or “apple-shaped” physique called Android Obesity which is most common on males and is related to higher risk of heart disease. The female fat pattering reflects a greater distribution of fat in the lower region of the body (below the waist) and is called Gynoid Obesity, “pear-shaped”.

Our hormones play a big role on our body and to make it simple I’m going to try to explain it without using any fancy words. Males have higher concentrations of a hormone (beta-andregenic) that increases the release of free fatty acids in the lower body and females have a higher concentration of a hormone (apla-andrenergic) in the lower body fat stores.  This suggests that lower body fat stores in females resist freeing fatty acids into circulation which makes it harder for them to lose lower body fat compare to males. In the upper body the differences between gender is almost the same but males have a higher free fatty acid release in the abdominal area in response to exercise. Bottom line is that this information suggests that both female and male can change their abdominal storage with appropriate exercise and diet, but females will experience difficulty in reducing their lower body fat storage.

There is no secret pill, secret drink or secret exercise routine.   If you eat proper protein, carbohydrates and fat; drink lots of water, workout regularly, and get a proper amount of sleep you will eventually achieve your fitness goals.

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