Tips N Tricks: MedBall Cleans

  September 18, 2018

Medball Cleans

We are back with Logan for another Tips N Tricks! Medball or Wallball Cleans are a movement that we don’t do as often in the gym as we probably should, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Many CrossFit gyms require athletes to learn the medball clean before ever touching a barbell to attempt a clean. This movement helps set the framework for the barbell while still keeping the key points of the movement intact and using significantly less weight. Check out the video below for key points and drills we can do to execute the medball clean correctly and efficiently!


Key Points of the Medball Clean:

The Setup:

-Should-width stance.

-Shoulders are slightly over the ball.

-Eyes on the horizon… don’t look down at it! 

-Ball set between the feet with palms on the ball.


-Lumbar curve is maintained.

-Hips extend rapidly, shoulders then SHRUG. (Many of us fail to shrug in this movement so pay close attention when you do these… this shrug will translate over to other movements such as the barbell clean and we even shrug in our snatches!)

-Both arms pull under the ball to the bottom of our squat. Also remember that your hands will rotate, not the ball!

-The ball should always stay close to the body… no curling it out. (Again this curling motion could transfer to your barbell cleans and thats not what we want!)


Completion of the rep is when the hips and knees are at full extension with the ball in the front rack position. (Many of us want to “finish” or start the next rep before we have FULLY extended the hips and knees. Make sure you are standing it ALL THE WAY UP or its a #NoRep.)


For more Tips N Tricks, keep a look out every TUESDAY! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a coach for help or just have them watch your movement to ensure you are executing it correctly! We are always here to help!

Have a great day!

-Team R2R

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