Tips N Tricks: Murph Prep (feat. Coach Audrey)

  May 23, 2018

Hey guys!

The long anticipated day is finally almost here! Post-Open, Murph is typically our next big event and workout to prepare and look forward to! I hope you have all done the best you can in coming to class, getting those extra sets of pushups in even when you don’t want to, and also been working on your running. (I’ve tried, I really have!) But if you are needing some good reminders and tips, check out the video below!



Whether this be your first or 5th Murph event, we want to make it the best one possible for you! Don’t forget all your gear the day of and definitely don’t forget your WATER! Make sure to sign up for your heats early to ensure we have enough room and equipment!


We will be hosting multiple events:

Dig Deep: Saturday & Monday at 8AM

Super City: Monday with multiple heats running each hour

(Heat times will be available for sign up 3 days prior to each event on WODIFY. DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN UP.)


If you have any other questions, tips, or anything else we may have forgotten, LET US KNOW! Shoot us a text, email, snail mail, whatever!


Have a great day guys!



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