Tips N Tricks: Planning to Attack Your Workout (feat. Coach Ben)

  June 5, 2018

Each day we open Wodify and see what the METCON is for the day. Whether it is a long grinding Chipper, or Short Fast AMRAP, you need to have a plan going into that WOD.


Pacing is something that can make or break your performance. Pacing is made up of 2 parts work and rest. In order to pace correctly you need to evaluate yourself. Evaluate how a particular movement affects you. For example, I know that HSPU are more taxing to me and will require more rest to accomplish the required work. Going into the work out I set my game plan to break up the work into smaller sets with short rest periods. The smaller sets will allow me to accomplish the work faster, because of 2 things. First, it will reduce the amount of time under tension for that movement. Which will allow me to work longer without reaching muscle failure. Second, to keep my heart rate at a lower rate that will allow me to continue to work without spiking it through the roof.


So, talking about the “Rest” part of Pacing. Rest should be planned and controlled. If you can go into the work out with a game plan of only taking 5-10 second rest and make yourself stick to that. A trick I like to use when doing barbell movements is the 3 Steps Rest. I drop the bar, take 3 steps back a deep breath and then walk back up to the bar and pick it up again. This is usually about 5 seconds and can give you that break you need to keep moving.


So before your next workout take a look at the movements prescribed and the time domain.   Evaluate yourself, and your efficiency with those movements. Set a game plan for how many reps you can do unbroken with a short rest and be able to maintain for the whole time domain. Stick to your plan! Even when it hurts or you’re hot and thirsty, you can keep going and maintain the pace you set for yourself. Remember, any coach can help you if you have a pacing question as to what would help you accomplish your workout. Don’t be afraid to ask!


Have a great week guys!


-Coach Ben Allen

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