Tips N’ Tricks: Rowing Hacks (feat. Coach Patrick)

  May 1, 2018

Hey guys! Its time for your weekly Tips N Tricks to help you improve on skills and movements in the gym! I know we do A LOT of rowing, especially during the winter months. But wouldn’t we all rather work SMARTER not HARDER when it comes to the rower? Check out this video on rowing technique and learn some easy fixes to help your rowing go from good to GREAT! 


1. Get in a good proper set-up position:

-Upright torso, strong back.

-Hand placement: comfortable, outside of knees.

2. Pulling mechanics is KEY.

-Legs before arms!

-LEGS, HIPS, ARMS on way back.

-ARMS, HIPS, LEGS on the reset. 

3. Maintain a good cadence.

-Don’t go too fast and burn out quickly.

-Long, hard pulls.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask a coach and learn more about how you can improve your rowing in workouts!


Have a great Tuesday! 

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