WHAT IS CLEAN EATING? (ft. Coach Marissa)

  May 9, 2017


A Beginners Introduction

“Eating clean” is the process of consuming foods that have a balanced nutritional profile and are made from all natural ingredients.  That means paying closer attention to the ingredients in your food and incorporating vegetables, fruits and whole grains, healthy proteins and fats into your meals.


Good, wholesome ingredients are the foundation of clean eating.  They are the source of essential nutrients you body needs. Clean eaters avoid artificial and genetically modified ingredients and look for foods rich in whole grains, fruits, nuts and high quality proteins like whey.


Your body needs a variety of nutrients and eating a balanced diet is the cornerstone of a clean eating, healthy lifestyle.  Even some clean ingredients, like sugar, are best consumed in moderation because they can have a negative effect when consumed in excess.  Focus on getting balanced nutrition by eating a selection of protein, fats and carbs each day.

  • Look for foods that have significant sources of protein, ideally 10g or more per serving
  • Limited amounts of sugar, ideally foods with less than 10g of sugar per serving
  • Learning to satisfy your body’s nutritional needs efficiently without needless calories
  • Look to add foods that contain 10% of the daily value of fiber your body needs

I tell athletes a good goal is to follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating clean.  While you will never be able to out train a crappy diet, the idea is to make fitness a part of your life along with the balance of 80% of the time follow a disciplined, clean eating plan while allowing that 20% to be made up of the foods that you love to splurge on.  Life is too short to never allow yourself that occasional treat.

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Yours in health,

Marissa Oliver


Crossfit L1 Trainer

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