Willpower Wednesday!

  January 10, 2018

Willpower. We all know what it is. We all possess it. We may think that some have more than others especially when it comes to exercise or maybe even exercising your restraint from eating all those cookies in the breakroom. But alas, willpower is something that can be internally cultivated to be used to your advantage in ALL your life decisions. Willpower is a renewable resource after all. Everyday you use it. But are you using it to its full advantage? Were you taught to use your willpower correctly as a child?

Check out the article below from the CrossFit journal from Eleanor Brown as she explains more in detail about how you can make your willpower work for YOU!


If you’d like to get more help exercising your willpower when it comes to your nutrition or in the gym, get with a coach and we can get you on a plan that is right for you! Have a great week!

-Team R2R

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