You VS. You (ft. Coach Brandy)

  October 24, 2017

You VS You

Many of us were drawn to CrossFit because of the comradery and friendly competition.  We loved the thrill of putting our names on the white board, with the hopes of being able to click the elusive “Rx” button, or seeing our names at the top of the leader board.

CrossFit is a sport driven by data, the whiteboard is our scoreboard, we track our progress continuously, live by a running clock, performing each workout to the best of our ability…that bares repeating, to the BEST of OUR ability.  Let’s be honest for a moment…how many of you have been guilty of being obsessed with the leader board?!?  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the friendly competition that our communities thrive on.  But sometimes the whiteboard can put us in a funk.  I get so caught up in trying to beat Chris Owens Fran time, that I forget that this is supposed to be FUN!

Each athlete in our 3 gyms are at a different point in their lives.  Some people just started their fitness journey with us, some took some time off and had a baby and just started back.  Some peoples lives are so busy outside of the box, they don’t get to attend as much as they would like, while others get to come every day.  Some females want to deadlift 300 lb, and some are very content with 95.  Some guys strive for a sub 3 minute Fran, while others are still striving for their first pull up.  Wherever you are on your fitness journey, I challenge you to keep doing you, keep showing up keep making progress, keep setting goals and then smashing them, and remember the only person who can beat yourself is you!

I want to leave you with some words spoken by Chris Speller after the 2011 CrossFit Games.  On Day 1 event 3 Rich Froning had just beat him by 27 seconds in an event featuring rope climbs and an ascending clean and jerk ladder,  “I was just really trying to focus on my pace, on my own workout,” he said minutes afterward. “I really just (was focused) on staying in my head regardless of the result because in the end it won’t define me … it won’t satisfy me.  I just continue to think about focusing on what I can do and not thinking about the athletes around me,” he said. “Even if I do win, it’s not going to satisfy me completely. I think it’s different (when you realize) that when you fail, it’s not the end of the world.”

Keep living large my friends and Focus on being the BEST YOU that YOU can be!

Committed To Your Success,

-Coach Brandy

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