Featured Member Friday: Sarah McCartney

  December 29, 2017

Each week we ask one of our members why they joined Crossfit! 🙂

1. When did you start Crossfit?

I started doing Crossfit about 6 years ago in my hometown of Newburyport, MA.

2. Why did you start Crossfit?

I started doing Crossfit to stay in shape after graduating college where I was a competitive athlete. My brothers and parents had already joined Crossfit so it became a really great hobby to share with my family as well.

3. What’s your favorite thing about coming to Crossfit?

My favorite thing about coming to Crossfit is that you’re never alone. The Crossfit community is unique because it is supportive, enjoyable, and motivating. I love coming to workout with my husband and my friends who make this sport of fitness fun and fulfilling for the body and the mind.


Although Sarah and Cody will no longer be with us at our box, they will always be a part of our R2R family and will always be welcome back with open arms! We will miss you both very much!


Team R2R

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