Tips N’ Tricks: Hollow Holds (feat. Coach Tico)

  February 27, 2018

Hey guys! This week we are diving into some gymnastics since we know it’s everyone’s favorite! Especially during The Open! 🙂 As we know, Gymnastics is an essential part of our development as CrossFit athletes. It can help improve coordination, balance, agility, accuracy, and flexibility! And YES, it can be for EVERYONE! Once we make some changes to our nutrition (to maximize results, not only physically but also on our performance) and work on our cardiovascular efficiency (metabolic conditioning) we can focus on body weight movements (gymnastics). You need to develop a clear perception of body control/awareness or body movement mechanics so you can make the most of out of your training.


There is one movement that is very basic in gymnastics that can translate over to almost every movement you do as CrossFitters. The Hollow Hold/Hollow Rock. This movement translates to your back squat, push ups, pull-ups, and much more! Spend a little bit of time watching the videos below and working on these from progressions from Carl Paoli and I can guarantee that not only your gymnastics movements will improve but your weightlifting numbers will go up too! Keeping a tight core is necessary in SO many movements we do at the gym in order to stay safe and perform the movement well. And guess what? No equipment is even required! So lay down in the living room floor while watching tv and practice 10-20-30 second holds! Push yourself to increase the time you can hold it!


If you would like to learn more about gymnastics progressions and techniques you can use to improve your gymnastics skills at the gym, do not hesitate to ask questions to myself or any of the other coaches! We would LOVE to help you set and achieve some gymnastics goals! 


Thanks & Have A Great Tuesday!


-Coach Tico


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