*Major Key Alert* The Key To Fitness (ft. Coach Jess)

  June 8, 2017

Hello everyone.  We just finished our very first in-house competition and I’d like to take a moment or 2 and say thank you to everyone instrumental in putting the Throwdown together.   All the volunteers that worked in the heat and sweated as well as the competitors that worked so hard did an amazing job!!! It was especially nice to meet some of the people from Dig Deep (West Paducah).  Thank you all for coming over to CFP and it was great to see all of us suffering together.  I think the future for CrossFit in Paducah and Metropolis is a bright one.

OK, now for my coach’s article.  It’s my turn to wow and amaze you with my intense level of knowledge in nutrition or physiology or exercise science or Olympic lifting technique as my colleagues do regularly.  Sadly, I’m a financial advisor and not a chiropractor, or a ninja, or a Level II CrossFit instructor or even a very good weightlifter like most of my fellow coaches.  When it comes my turn to talk about CrossFit, sadly, I don’t have a lot of groundbreaking material to disseminate to you.

But I have the secret to fitness.  The true, groundbreaking secret.  The one thing that will guarantee your level of fitness for the rest of your life.  The holy grail.  The answer to the meaning of life (it’s 42).Seriously I do know the answer to how to get as fit as you can.  And it can be summed up in 1 word: consistency.

There are no 21 day challenges that will make your abs suddenly appear out from under 20 years of poor eating and exercise habits.  No diet will magically make you drop 15% of your body fat between now and Independence Day.  The only true path to fitness is being consistently healthy with what you eat, drink, how much you sleep, and your exercise habits.

I’m making a big deal out of this because I see one thing that causes our members to get frustrated and give up and that one thing is a lack of consistency.  People come 2 days a week and do no other training on their own and can’t  seem to get over the “hump” of soreness and they quit.  Or people let other life distractions rob them of their time and they just stop coming.  Then the task of getting back in shape becomes too daunting and they just never make it all the way back.

So my enlightening fact for the day is to find some consistency.  Come to the gym regularly.  Eat right regularly.  Get to bed on time.  I promise that episode of Game of Thrones will still be there when you wake up in the morning.  When you’re thirsty, drink a glass of water instead of soda.  And just let the results take care of themselves.  Great results are borne of good habits.  Establish consistency and the results will exceed anything you thought you were capable of!

Committed To Your Success,

-Coach Jess

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