Meatballs Mexicana On The Menu!

  January 24, 2018

Hey Guys! It’s Wellness Wednesday and this week we have an easy paleo recipe coming to you from Nick Massie at the CrossFit Kitchen! He whipped up Mexican Meatballs with Calabacitas in this short video below! (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, it’s just a fancy Spanish word for a Zucchini dish!) Anything Mexican and you can COUNT ME IN. I’ll be testing this dish out next week for my meal prep and so should you!

If you are still sticking to your nutrition goals from your New Years Resolutions, this quick easy recipe will bring some spark to your food life while also providing your bodies with the good nutrients it needs to perform well in the gym! And don’t worry if you don’t have one or two ingredients… IMPROVISE! Some people don’t love mushrooms, don’t worry! Just leave those babies out and sub in another veggie of your choice! Cooking should be fun and experimental. Sometimes it may not be the greatest dish you’ve ever made but you will have lived and learned for next time. And when you cook for yourself and your family, you regain a sense of pride for taking control of your food choices as well as taking care of your family!

“We eat with our eyes” or so Guy Fieri says, so if you are one of those people, here’s a short video if you’d like to watch him whip this up! If you are more of a reader then there is also a link below to take you directly to the printed version of the recipe!

Enjoy & Happy Cooking!

*Also, Be on the lookout for our upcoming new program R2R Nutrition!*


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