The No Holiday Weight Gain Challenge!

  November 20, 2016

OPEN TO ANYONE!  (Members & Non-Members)

A lot of you have asked us for a little motivation to keep your health and weight loss momentum going through the holidays.  So here you go!

The No Holiday Weight Gain Challenge!
It goes like this.  

The rules of the challenge are simple.  Weigh-in before Thanksgiving and then weigh-out the week after New Years. If you stay within 2 pounds of your weigh-in to weigh-out we tear up the check.  If you don’t, we cash it and distribute it amongst the other participants who did.

We ask you to give us two checks.  One check for $10. This gets you into the challenge.  The second check is for $50. This check is your pledge.  


Step #1: Email us @ info@crossfitpaducah and say “I’m in”

Step #2: COMPLETE YOUR FIRST WEIGH-IN BEFORE THANKSGIVING.  We’ll reply with a “weight word” that you’ll need for your first weigh-in.  Players must submit two photos of themselves on a scale for review and approval by R2R coaches (will not be shared with anyone outside of our staff). The first of the two photos must be a head-to-toe shot of the player standing on a scale in “gym clothing” attire. The player’s face must be clearly visible. The second must be a close-up of the player’s weight, as indicated by the scale, with a piece of paper in the shot showing the weigh-in word. The weigh-in word serves as an official timestamp (i.e., to ensure the photo was not taken at a different time).

Step #3:  We’ll send you similar instructions to the above to complete your final weigh-in before JAN 8th 🙂

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