R2R June Athlete Profile: Jackson Brannon

  June 23, 2016

When Did You Join R2R Fitness? December 2015

Why Did You Join? I joined CrossFit to get in better shape and meet some new friends while also having some fun and working out.

What Changes Have You Noticed? Since I started CrossFit I can tell that I feel better everyday throughout the day.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Is Thinking About Starting @ R2R?  Don’t be nervous/intimated it’s a very safe and friendly environment to meet new people and have fun while working out also everyone is welcome and made to feel like a family.

Favorite WOD? My favorite WOD is anything with running and deadlifts!

Least Favorite WOD? Prior to December I hated to run.

Favorite Activity Outside of CrossFit? My favorite activity outside of CrossFit is playing baseball with my friends.

Favorite Accomplishment @ CrossFit? My favorite accomplishment at CrossFit is getting a 200# deadlift. I would say my favorite healthy meal is something with grilled chicken but I not a real big fan of vegetables.

Biggest Inspiration?  My dad. He is 45 years old and I know if he can do it I can do it.

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