Tips N Tricks: Double Unders

  September 11, 2018

Double-unders is a skill that we see often in weekly workouts and especially in the Open. You know they are coming, so why not work towards either getting them NOW or doing them more efficiently?! Here are some mistakes we often make and some tips that we can implement to get better at this skill! 


  1. Rope Length: stand with both feet on the rope and make sure the length is at least to both armpits. (Some people prefer theirs a little longer, however this slows the rope down some also.)
  2. Hand Position: Wrists should be slightly below elbows, with elbows tucked in close to sides. Hands should be in your peripheral vision.
  3. Using Arms Instead of Wrists: People tend to want to move their entire arms when trying to double under, however its more of a “flick of the wrists” or think “shaking maracas”


  1. Master single unders FIRST. Be able to string large sets of singles together without breaking.
  2. Relax and think about feet or kicking position. Don’t get too tense. Don’t DONKEY KICK or PIKE if you can help it. Many people do this when first learning but if you’ve been working on DU and can do them to some extent, practice remaining as straight and upright as possible without bending at the knee or hip.
  3. Timing/Speed: Many people think it is a faster motion than it is. If you are hitting yourself constantly with the rope, it could mean you are just trying to go too fast. Slow it down and listen for the sound/rhythm of it.
  4. Jump Height: Make sure you are jumper higher than you would in single unders. If you are jumping too shallow, the rope has nowhere to pass under your feet. This works in conjunction with speed and timing. Also, remember to jump on the balls of your feet.
  5. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, & PRACTICE SOME MORE! First practice small sets instead of trying to go for max reps. Sets of 5-10 depending on your skill level. Practice before class while you are fresh and after class when you are fatigued. Sometimes people get skills and movements after they have finished a WOD. Don’t think it isn’t possible for you too! Also, practice with friends or a coach who can help identify what you may be doing wrong.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to a coach for help! WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU AND WANT TO SEE YOU GAIN AND MASTER ALL THE SKILLS OF CROSSFIT! 

Happy Tuesday!

-Team R2R

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